Importance Of Ethics In Human Services

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• The responsibility of the clients is of the utmost importance. This is important because even though a person may understand that they work for the organization, they must also understand what their true purpose is when it comes to their position. They are working towards a goal for the community as a whole. If they are not willing to help towards that common goal, then they have no purpose. • It is the responsibility of the human service worker, employee or professional to obtain informed consent in order to render services to the clients at the beginning of the relationship. Clients seek the services that they need, but they must also be a part of the relationship and know that what they are receiving is a service. This consent shows that they acknowledge what they must do on their end to secure the services and the professionals know what they must do on their end to provide such services. This is to protect all parties involved. • The values, ethics and morals of the professional are those of that professional and not used to influence the client In a world where there are so many ideas and views, it is best for the…show more content…
There has to be something in place to protect everyone that is involved because there could quite possibly be lives involved. Human services organizations implement these types of codes of ethics in order to emphasize standards of practice that are attached to behaviors and ideas that workers bring to the profession. The National Organization for Human Services has perfected what is considered to be a top ethics codes in order to encompass what one must do in order to serve their community, its residents, their colleagues, the profession and their employers just to name a few. The core values and conflict of interest clauses are present and provide a well-rounded and in-depth code that can be used with various human services

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