Importance Of Ethics In Interior Design

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Professional ethics on interior industry
What is ethics? Ethics is moral principles that represent a man 's conduct or the directing an action the branch of information that arrangements with moral principles. As a designer we have a responsibility to, public, client, other designers & colleagues, association and interior design profession employee and our self as well. SLIID (Sri Lanka institute of interior design) has set a “code of conduct” principals for interior designers to follow. As interior designers member of SLIID we are bound to ‘code of conduct’.
Before following the ‘code of conduct’ there are some ethics that we have to learn by our self to be in the industry. As a designer first we have to learn how to be professional. Professionalism is an attitude to be developed. As a professional designer we should think, act, react, plan, and perform in professional manner. Self-discipline, responsibility, integrity, competence, co-operate, team work are guideline principals to be a professional designer.
What are the attributes of an interior designer ought to have? Develop, sensibility and confident in the design, good relations through documentation and communication (ex: conditions of contract/agreement between client and consultant project progress report), honest, frankness, determination, assertiveness, punctuality and co-operation, physiological insight, appreciation of beauty.
What is ‘code of conduct’ provide by SLIID. It is a set of rules and regulations
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