Importance Of Ethics In Physical Education

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8. Ethics on physical education Physical education is an educational course related of maintaining the human body through physical exercises. It is taken during primary and secondary education and encourages psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting to promote health. The Olympic Games provide good evidence of the way sport is viewed as an instrument for cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. International programs promote universal values and experience in cooperative living. They provide clear evidence that people from divergent cultures can create ways to live together that are based upon clearly understood and freely expressed values. This can create harmony between people and their environments. Among the…show more content…
Ethics in higher education Members of the academic community, faculty and students have a responsibility to abide by ethical principles regarding academic freedom, intellectual integrity, and the fair and respectful treatment of others. Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth. Academic freedom in its teaching aspect is fundamental for the protection of the rights of the teacher in teaching and of the student to freedom in learning. Intellectual integrity involves using sound and ethical methods in the pursuit of knowledge as well as embracing honesty in the dissemination of knowledge. Individuals ' expectation of fair and respectful treatment by faculty and students applies not only to interactions with one another, but also to administrators, staff, and others with whom they interact in their role as members of the academic community. Thus, fair and respectful treatment should also extend, for example, to the evaluation of students ' academic work and colleagues ' scholarly work. Students when they are acting as the student representatives’ counsel for the university, ethical behaviours as the person who represents other students should be observed. The representative student should hear the minority when dealing with issues from the students. One must not act bias in evaluating the students’ opinions or considerations or

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