Ethics In The Music Industry

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Introduction to ‘ethics’
What is ethics all about, we must first understand the meaning of the concept of ethics and the moral fibre it binds with different industries and individuals.
The word ethics is derived from ‘ethos’ in Greek which means ‘Character’. It refers to a set of principles on what is right and wrong. It is the branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.
Ethics can differ from person to person
• Its more or less a moral obligation towards fellow beings

The Music Industry
Music can be dated back to when human beings started learning how to communicate with each other, the industry is on of the biggest growing industries in our country billing close too
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Music was meant to unwind and relax to the idea of commercialization of the industry is slowing leading to its downfall, even within the industry itself politics run rampant. An actual musician with talent and who can play an instrument for his moneys worth may not even get a shot because now a days the music industry requires you to bring some capital into the industry, research has also shown that the artist singing in the song is in fact done by a behind the scene talented musician, he couldn’t be seen on the screen because he didn’t have the face for it, since when did music become about how a person looks?
In today’s scenario we can anybody become a pop sensation regardless of what your potential maybe as now a days talent can be borrowed or bought. The music industry seems to deviating from the truth of what is actually ethical and what is right the truth is bent according to how they want it to be seem or how ethical they seem to be
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