Importance Of Eva Smith In An Inspector Calls

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Eva Smith is the most important character in ‘An Inspector Calls’ in my opinion. She is used as a tool by Priestley, to show us how the capitalists treat others and how they don’t care about others and how they think they have power over others in the low working class. “if they didn 't get rid of that girl, I 'd never go near the place again” Sheila Birling sacked Eva Smith form her second job because she was ‘laughing at her’ this is showing us that the upper class do whatever they want because of their wealth, class and privileges.

Even though Eva Smith was never on the stage play; she is still important because a working class woman like her cant do anything to the upperclass families; yet she made the Birling family (an upperclass family) feel bad and guilty about their actions and take responsibility for corrupting her life. Eva Smith is the perfect example to show the audience that you might not be affected by this but someone might be and you will be the blame for it. “but I felt rotten about it at the time and now I feel a lot worse.” Sheila said this because she actually felt really bad and to blame for this girl’s death unlike the rest of her family except Eric.

People were put into social classes according to their wealth, jobs and success. The upper class families don’t care about others with low class and are shown to be more powerful at that time. The high class families always had the power even though they were the same as the others but more successful,
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