Importance Of Evidence Based Practice

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In the following assignment, there is going to be a mention of what evidence based-practice is, and how it is important to the nursing professional along with its importance in clinical skills. Within the main part of the assignment, will be six annotated bibliographies about blood pressure within field of nursing, which is Learning Disabilities. Which will be concluded a summary of what the main content is and key message that it is given along with talking about the relevance of the content to health care practice and Learning Disabilities Nursing.

Evidence based practice has achieved many changes to the nursing education, policies and research through time. Ciliska (2006) explains that every nurse should understand what evidence based practice is. Cleary-Holdforth and Leufer (2009) explains that evidence based practice is a holistic approach to the delivery of care with the individual at the centre. It involves more than simply using research and is a partnership between inter-professional clinicians, patients and the best available evidence to ensure optimal care for the patient. In terms of evidence based practice this makes it important as it outcome to making patients care better as well as improving the patient exceptions of care. It has been suggested that evidence-based practice is important in health care as it provides the care that meets the individual needs of the patients and helps us identifies gaps in knowledge when we research into subjects. Evidence
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