Importance Of Evidence Based Practice

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Evidence base practice can be defined as the integration of clinical experience and skills, patient values and best research evidence into decision making process for patients’ care (Saclett D, 2002)
The integration of the three elements into decision making process enables the practitioner a better opportunity for enhanced clinical outcome and improved quality of life. Evidence alone is not enough in decision making hence the integration of the three elements.
In order to ensure effective public health programme the practitioner must ensure that every decision made is evidence based.
Public health programmes and initiatives should be supported by scientific proves and evidences. Research based on scientific proves are used to form health care policy which can be implemented to improve the health of the community. It also helps in harnessing the knowledge gained in the research into practice of quality care.
It helps to practice ethically and professionally ensuring that all actions are supported and can be verified by any healthcare professional. Public health care must ensure that the community needs are well analyzed, by gathering the necessary data, through asking of important questions and searching through literatures to find solutions that are evidence based. Being aware of the evidence in which the public healthcare practice is based is very crucial to the nurse or public healthcare professional, public
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