Physical And Digital Evidence In Criminal Investigation Essay

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Introduction In a criminal investigation, the most important thing will be material evidence collected against the accused to prove the guilty. But now, not only real evidence plays role ,even digital evidence plays a role in criminal investigation because of technology world we are living, where many days to day activities are done in digital and where it can provide a link between the crime and victim for example if the accused is the last person who the victim talked then the investigator will investigate them to find whether they have any link with the crime .Both physical evidence and digital evidence helps the police to open up the investigation and it raise doubt that whether the crime was committed by him for example if knife with…show more content…
Research question 1. What are the procedures for admissibility of physical and digital evidence? 2. Whether Physical and Digital evidence are conclusive proof? 1.5. Research Hypotheses The Researcher in this project will try to analyse the evidentiary value of both physical and digital evidence and further the researcher will state that both evidence has same evidentiary value but this both evidence can be admissible only if it is proved with collaborative evidence. 1.6. Research Methodology The research is primarily doctrinal in nature. The researcher has used various primary sources and secondary sources to collect data for this Research paper by using different books, judgments, and various published articles. 5. Conclusion: So, both Physical and digital evidence have same evidentiary value and this evidence will be admissible in the court only when it shown that the evidence properly handled and must show that there were no way of the evidence to be tampered and the continuity must be shown to shown the link between the crime and victim. The Researcher has come to conclusion, that it cannot be considered as a conclusive proof but only as collaborative evidence. There must be supporting evidence to the evidence to prove the accused
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