Importance Of Executive Branch In Malaysia

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Executive Branch is the oldest government in Malaysia, a place where government take place to bring up political issues or a place in the framework of federal representative democratic consultation monarchy and also a place that where exercised by the federal government of the 13 states. Executive Branch in Malaysia usually is to formulate and implement the policies in the country Executive branch is chosen by the public through election and government will bring great impact on political system in Malaysia. Executive power is vested in the cabinet led by the Prime Minister and The Malaysian constitution stipulates that the Prime Minister must be member of the Lower House of parliament. The cabinet is chosen from among of both houses of Parliament and is responsible to that body.
Executive branch in Malaysia has own body structure where Yang Di-PertuaAgong (Tunku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah) is a head of the state, Timbalan Yang Di-PertuaAgong (Muhammad V) is to assist Yang Di-PertuaAgong, Prime Minister (NajibTunRazak) who is appointed by Yang Di-PertuaAgong, Cabinet and Public Service.
Executive Branch in Malaysia is responsibility by Yang Di-PertuaAgong who operate parliamentary system. Yang Di-PertuaAgong is to practice the confidence of majority and also parliament for all the public act and also can appoint Prime Minister, Prime Minister must be responsible that Yang Di-PertuaAgong all the government problem.
Executive Branch that help Malaysia government is Cabinet,

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