Importance Of Exercise And Health Essay

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Exercise and health
There is a significant evolution in the last view years about sport and aerobic exercise. All ages and sexes have to do exercise because it is important for various benefits that accrue to health. Nowadays exercise is important for people who want a health body and for people who suffer from certain chronic diseases. Exercise plays an important role in the prevention and treatment.
The statistics indicate that there is a high rate to get illness for people who have low physical activity and low fitness
Therefore, we find in the developed countries there is a large numbers of people who work in sports activities in different sports and different ages to get healthy body. We also note that sports not limited to athletes only, but have spread to become the subject of attention of doctors and medical personnel and sports field.
So we have to define the fitness and what are the elements of physical fitness? And how it is measured? And the methods allow the development of our fitness facility, whether he can athlete or individual and small or big.
The concept of fitness
The concept of fitness between the athlete and the normal person is different. Sports person has the ability to stand a long duration muscular effort and endurance to perform the physical activity required. The physical
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by urging people to do exercise and explain the benefits from doing sport and who its affect our health after changing our daily habits and add movement. through the media we can clarify the benefits of maintaining the sport and its impact on health and psychological
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