Importance Of Exercising Essay

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Physical exercising might seems as something not so important to do, however, it is one of the most important thing for your health, people should take in consideration that exercising yourself could help you preventing of having an excess of weight, exercising may help your health in an incredible amount that it may take more than twenty points to mention all of them, however my specific topic is to talk about the importance of exercising in your health but it is also to talk about how disappointing the amount of people in the world that aren’t exercising enough. It was proven that from 57 million deaths 5.3 million were dead because of lack of exercising in 2008 this is about 10 percent of deaths this may seem a small amount, however,…show more content…
Rio de Janeiro government have placed in some places a small gym for old people, it is a great idea so they may go there the time they want for free and they are preventing from getting many diseases, however, the exercises provided in this place should have a professional because if you are doing exercise in a wrong way it will help your health but it may take you to other serious problems such as pains, not only pains but each person has a different resistance inside them and if they are forcing too much their body they may have some other problems.
A research could prove in some time ago that not many people know is that not exercising yourself can be worse than using cigarettes. If a person next to you is smoking cigarettes you think why is this person using this drug if they know it is really bad for their health, but do you actually think like this of a person that doesn’t exercise themselves than I am sorry you should, isn’t this

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