Exit Procedure: Employee Deviation And Exit Process

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Task 4.2
Exit procedure
An exit procedure might be initiated by an employee or an employer exit procedures ae important and necessary because it will explain the reason for ending the employee-employer whether it is a termination, retirement, or any other reason.
An exit interview has three purposes:
1. to learn where the organization can improve itself
2. To make sure that employees leave feeling good as they can about their experience.
3. In some cases, to encourage the employee to stay under new circumstances.

When resigning or retiring from a position at UTMB, an employee should submit a "Notice of Resignation" at least two weeks prior to the effective date of resignation unless a briefer notice is mutually agreed upon in
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• Employees leaving UTMB involuntarily shall be notified in writing by their supervisor about how to contact the Benefits
Department to receive information about their rights under
COBRA and other options regarding employee benefit programs
• The department is responsible for collecting all UTMB property including badges for contract employees or UTMB employees leaving UTMB involuntarily. In addition, the department is responsible for notifying Information Services (IS) and Campus
Police to remove computer and badge access.
• Employees may be billed for any UTMB property that has not been returned or face criminal charges.
The University of Texas Medical Branch, in compliance with applicable federal laws and regulations, strives to maintain an environment free from discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, color,
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All Employees, continued • Prior to the last day at work, returns all institutional keys and badges to the Campus
Security Office and returns all outstanding
Library materials to the Library.
• Prior to the last day of work, ensures all outstanding expenses, cash advances, travel advances, and /or other advances are settled with the Accounting Office
• On the last day of work, returns parking cards to the Parking Facilities Office
Medical Staff
House Staff
In addition to these duties:
• Must complete all outstanding medical records.
• Must obtain sign-off from House Staff Office.
• For Registered Nurses who received a relocation check and who have been employed less than six
(6) months, a reimbursement of $500.00 must be made to the department representative prior to the last day of work. Payment must be made by
Cashiers Check or Money Order endorsed to

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