Importance Of Experiential Learning

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In the academic handshake, we enter into a cathedral of consciousness which brings forth a system of education where Experiential Learning plays a vital role. Experiential learning or “learning by doing,” is an essential constituent of the teaching methodology of present schools. It consists of structuring lessons so students can do work for themselves – and through meaningful experiences – commit information to memory. It is such a method of education which is based on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. Experiential Learning plays an impeccable role keeping knowledge and conceptual learning in mind. The students not only deal with real life situations but also go through case studies, research, surveys, problem solving and decision making activities which support student learning to its brim. Experiential Learning is envisioned as a transformation from instructivist to constructivist; from teacher centric to student centric; a focus on the system from local learning to global learning. In today’s fast paced competitive world the students get an opportunity to learn the skills instead of theoretical knowledge. The classrooms are converted into labs where students learn through their hands on activities so that they can deepen their knowledge through repeatedly acting and then reflecting on the action. Experiential Learning prepares the students for a career or profession and provides a prospect to enhance their emotional, intellectual,

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