Importance Of Experiential Marketing

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Introduction This essay is the biggest part of the “Experiential marketing” course and the main deliverable. In my essay, I was required to debate importance of the sensoriality in experiential marketing. Sensoriality is a term that de-rives from the word “sense” and is a simple extension to better, more ac-curate, describe the usage of various senses in marketing of products and companies. An enterprise is selected for the case study analysis of the use of sensoriality in business. This essay will explain the use and importance of smell, sound, sight and touch in marketing campaigns and how they have affected brand perception. In conclusion, I will provide some de-velopment suggestions for the selected company. Sensation Sensation is defined as: “the function of the low-level biochemical and neurological events that begin with the impinging of a stimulus upon the receptor cells of a sensory organ.” (Carlson N, et al. 2013) Experiential marketing is a type of marketing which is customer oriented. It has many things in common with relationship marketing. However, unlike to rela-tionship marketing, experiential marketing is engaging customers into two-way communication, and targeting the emotions as a bridge for connecting experience and positive emotions with the brand. Brands are engaging customers into action, and providing great and out of usual ex-perience in order to create tight emotional bounds between customers and brands. As the previously mentioned definition

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