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“Extension education is an applied behavioral science dealing with the desirable changes in the behavioral complex of human beings, through various strategies and programs, by applying the latest scientific and technological innovations.” The most accepted definition of extension education is that of J. Paul Leagan who is considered as the father of extension education. Going by the concepts of extension: “It is an applied science based on innovation in agriculture, psychology of farmers and their social settings.” The term extension education was coined and used in the year 1873 by the Cambridge University in England to mean an educational innovation and its purpose was to take the educational advantages of the University to the people at…show more content…
What man does with his resource depends largely on the nature and extent of societies, investment in his educational growth. Education including formal, non-formal and informal helps man improve his level of knowledge and standard of living. Development is an effective use of these mechanisms as educational means for changing the mind and actions of people in such a way that they help themselves attain economic and social improvements. Extension education helps to attain this purpose. When technology and educational instruments for disseminating it are available, the key to development is human element. To bring about a change, in this area, which is sound socially, effective economically, permanent physically an enduring educationally decision must rest with the people. The educational approach enables changes in the following four broad areas. i. Change in what people know – the knowledge of themselves, their society and the…show more content…
He must look upon the administrative role as that of providing the best possible conditions for organizing and carrying out programme of social and economic change through extension education. The administrator is the leader in creating conditions of organization, human relation, financial and physical facilities that enable and encourage specialists and grass root level workers to perform their roles effectively. The specialists to be successful must, in addition to having high technical competence, be knowledgeable about the target group. In making recommendations the specialist must clearly understand the needs of the client and methods of approaching

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