Importance Of Extensive Reading

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Abstract: In the context of globalization, English has reached the point of culmination in accessing the information related to various fields of study such as medicine, science and technology, business etc., In order to master the language, students should be trained in extensive reading skills. Extensive reading provides an ample scope to utilize their inherent skills, develop their mental ability to understand the texts suitable to their level of reading. The sample of 100 students were randomly selected from three different Engineering colleges to enhance the proficiency of the students in various aspects such as spellings, vocabulary, grammatical structures etc., The age old custom like” burning the midnight oil” to prepare for the exams has become outdated and the students opt for practical oriented teaching and to assimilate the language based on the latest methods of teaching. Extensive reading which is synonymous to uninterrupted sustained silent reading or book flood Approach where students are exposed to a variety of voluminous books to understand and read independently has been adopted in many countries to enrich the quality based teaching. In Extensive reading programme the students read the self-selected materials like books, magazines, comics etc., and to focus on the general meaning rather than the language. The students read for information, enjoyment, and to read in their own comfort zone of learning. They are even encouraged to stop reading a text
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