Importance Of External Recruitment

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Internal Recruitment: Dissemination of the vacancy to employees who already work in the organization. External recruitment: Publicity of the vacancy to the general public, through posters, internet, newspapers, employment agencies and even radio, enabling the participation of the community in general. Importance of Recruitment The importance of Recruitment and Selection for the good organizational performance, comes from how much the organizations are in constant renewals and investments, aiming always the search of the quality of its products and services. This shows us how professionals working in the Human Resources (HR) sector need to be attentive to these processes when they are going to recruit and select the appropriate professional.…show more content…
If you are planning to pre-screen, which can be very useful in the face of receiving many responses, you should limit essential criteria. 3. Clarify the selection process and research sources Where to place the advertisement, taking into account the type of professional to find, what type of response to expect (curriculum vitae is the most usual) and where to recruit (recruitment agencies, applications, social networking profiles or even upcoming contacts). 4. Make the selection After the pre-selection, we proceed to the interview phase with the candidates. These can be prepared in advance or opt for the spontaneous interview. In both cases, there are aspects usually covered such as, for example, professional / academic background and qualities required for the function. There are companies that also opt for tests or tests of knowledge or ability (Psychometric Testing / Personality). 5. Offer After the previous step there is a chosen candidate, moving on to the supply stage, including details of salary, job title and responsibilities. 6. Training /…show more content…
Not enough simple and "dry" welcome. Explaining some rules / regulations of the organization and making presentations is critical. In addition, define and agree on the performance objectives and tasks to perform. Explain and execute, immediately, existing training plans. 1.7 Retention In the midst of the search for professionals that lead organizations to reach high profitability levels, "Retention of Talents" is a theme that has permeated the debates of managers, which has led to the interest of provoking reflections on this topic. The economic and social changes brought about changes in the labor market, which became more selective, demanding more rigor of the skills and knowledge of the candidates, given a framework in which the supply of Human Resources is much higher than that of jobs. When this picture is inverted, considering the high level of qualification required of the candidates, few are able to fulfill all the

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