Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

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Imagine this; you are sitting at your desk when all of a sudden your teacher announces a new club. It sounds interesting and you would be all for trying it out, but then you hear your classmates laugh and call it stupid and embarrassing. You start laughing with them because what else can you do. All of this could be avoided if our schools made it mandatory to take an after-school activity. Students should be required to do one or more extracurricular activity because they help build self-esteem and personality, helps with future applications, and develop new interests. Extracurricular activities help build self-esteem and build personality traits. If students were in a group with people who had the same interests as them, then maybe they wouldn’t be so afraid to express themselves. Likewise, I personally know what it feels like to hold back your interests and passions and pretend you are almost ashamed of them. I thought that if people knew that I was so passionate about writing that they would think that I was strange, but when I was going to King George Middle School, I joined a journalism group. Everyone in the group was just as passionate as I was about writing and they never made me feel bad for doing what I loved. In addition, Aristotle, once said, “The quality of a life is determined by its activity.” The way our life plays out is based on the things we do and give to others. Our gifts and our passions are important to people and we should know that. The best way to
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