Importance Of Extremism In Pakistan

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Extremism is a critical problem which the Pakistani society is facing today; it leads to social, economic, culture and humanitarian crises. It has occurred due to external and internal factors. Internal factors include the occurrence of social injustice, illiteracy, inequality and misuse of the governmental laws and external factors being the involvement of Pakistan in international and the national politics game.
Extremism is the expression of thoughts of individual and the groups are not able to express their own will in the society through social mechanism. The people, who are not able to exert their force in decision making process, go for aggressive means of expressing their opinion. As a result we see disorder in the society.
This situation
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It was after the involvement of Pakistan in the Soviet war against Afghanistan, extremism started in our society. Pakistan involvement in Soviet war to support US interest and Afghan brethren brought combination of Afghan culture in Pakistani culture. The Mujahedeen ideology was a motivational factor to engage people who fought against Soviets. These were having the full support of US government and the Pakistani government also remains unchecked. Many people from other Muslim countries and from inside the Pakistan joined the jihad movement in Afghanistan. They have the full support of the US and this brings the easy excess to the weapons and the wealth provided by the US. This brings the drugs and the Kalashnikov culture in Pakistan. After the dissolution of USSR in 199o, the US interest ended in the region and this paved way for the civil war between the Afghan tribes for the gain of power. The mujahedeen united themselves under the label of Taliban's and captured many are of the Afghanistan territory. They ended the civil war to some extent but the negative impact of the Taliban regime was the forceful imposition of religion on others. The supporters of this system are also present in Pakistan.
Another big reason which is giving rise to religious extremism in Pakistan was the proxy war of different Muslim states fought in Pakistan. Followers of different ideologies live in Pakistan so different countries are fighting the
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The main reason behind the growth of extremism mentality in our society is due to the absence of the mechanism which will help the people to convey their will to the political system and second is the increasing supremacy of USA to excess the resources of the Muslim countries. The hopelessness in Pakistan is complemented by the in capability of the political system to solve the basic problems of the people. Due to the failure of democracy in Pakistan the people have lost faith on the democracy system in Pakistan. The feudal system has destroyed the national interest by giving the wealth and power in few hands and this has resulted in the lack of social justice. The concentration of wealth in few hands has resulted in the poverty, lack of education and people started to use other means to solve their problems. This resulted in the joining of those organizations that use them against their own national

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