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EYEWEAR AND PROSTHETICS SD471 CRITICAL AND CONTEXTUAL STUDIES IN ART AND DESIGN EDUCATION SO YIU KWOK STUDENT NUMBER:16020258D Eyewear are considered as the necessities of daily life, which exists in the form of mixing optical appliances and fashion accessories. The society seems to be used to understand eyewear as the consumption goods for a long time. The eyewear is more like a prosthetics when rethinking the relationship between eyeglasses and people. This comprehension will lead people more accurately understand the importance of eyewear and cognitive current problems. The function of prosthetics Since the appearance of eyewear, they have been in the world for almost 800 years. Although the styles have been updating with the times, the whole design structure do not have fundamental changes (Ilardi, 2007). The foundation of eyeglasses is still consisting by frame and lens, and covered in front of the eyes (Fig.1). Whether it is congenital defects or acquired influence, most…show more content…
For a creator, the development of technology for production of eyewear has been very mature. Is it possible to separate the current fashion-led cognition when thinking about business model? For example, Japan’s eyewear culture is a relatively unique compare with other country. The Japanese local demand for international fashion eyewear is not eagerly in the trend of brand’s globalization, but those based on ergonomic design of the eyewear are very common and popular. Japanese designers realize that the biggest problem during wearing glasses is weight. So they designed a large proportion of eyewear are made by titanium which is well-known the best material for human body, to provide user feel the lightest and durable experience. (Fig.) They tried to design based on the missing tasks for the activity by observer user’s behaviours rather than focus on the goals and preferences of user (Norman,

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