Importance Of Facial Expressions In Teaching

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P I consider that facial expressions play a vital role in teaching learning process.
P During instructional process I always use facial expressions to make teaching more effective and interesting.
P I use facial expressions (smile, anger, frowning) according to requirement and situation during lecture in the class.
P Teacher’s angry face expressions during lesson can obstruct the concentration and understandings of the learners.
P Using different facial expressions during teaching makes students able to comprehend the lecture in a more efficient manner.
N Teacher’s facial expressions have no positive affect in learning process of students.
P I usually use facial expressions for the encouragement
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P Students’ facial expressions in class activities aid me in the betterment of my teaching style and methodology.
P I use different body movements to make class environment conductive for learning.
P When I use my hands and arms to give students additional visual information about the topic, they understand the topic more effectively. p Students enjoy teaching learning process when I use gestures to make the lesson more interesting and motivating.
N Students don’t show interest and enthusiasm when the instructor sits in the chair during teaching.
N Body movements has no effect on students while story telling.
P Gestures and body movements of students during class show their concern in lesson.
N I never get nervous while talking with my students.
P I have a relaxed body posture while talking to my students.
P Instead of gesturing I speak to students.
P Teachers’ movement in the class keeps students attentive and energetic.
P I smile when I do conservation with my students.
P Teachers’ cold facial expressions hinder in students learning.

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