Importance Of Failure In My Life

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Last year I decided to be a soldier! I gave up after only one week of training… The year before that I wanted to be a researcher! I was bored as hell during the learning parts.

The year before that I wanted to be a blacksmith! I burned down the whole house while making my first item…

It seems that I am not really suitable for these kinds of jobs. This year I decided that I will do nothing but enjoy life. I failed at that too. I died not long after I came to this decision.

My life is a compilation of fails. I failed in school even though I know the subjects and I learnt almost always, even though it was boring. I failed in keeping a girlfriend, mostly because she thought that I was bad luck for her.

I mean…why? What did I do for my life to be such a failure? I can 't even do one thing correctly.

After my death I was happy. I was actually really delighted to hear that my life would end. I guess I failed at that as well because I was reincarnated. I gained the body of a rat. So now, with the intelligence of a human and the body of a rat I will live my life hoping that I don 't have bad luck anymore!

I didn 't really know much about the world I was reincarnated in. I knew that I was in a forest and that the weather was a bit cold. Snow was falling during the night but it melted during the day. I didn’t meet any other living beings on my first day though. I saw a few bugs though, they looked weird, and there was a bug with cyan eyes and a single horn on its head.

I didn’t
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