Importance Of Fairy Tales

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Wirklichkeitsmärchen seem to be more credible compared to the Volks- and Kunstmärchen as they are much more specific when it comes to the time and date. This makes these tales seem more real opposed to a tale that does not include any realistic time or place. Even though Wirklichkeitsmärchen are an important type of literature, I will not focus on this form of fairy tale during this thesis. The Importance of Fairy Tales Whether it is a story of kings and queens, poor farmers and orphaned children, a story that begins with those four magical words lead into a magical world full of adventure and wonder. But fairy tales are certainly more than just entertaining stories for children. Fairy and folk tales have been a part of human society for ages…show more content…
The tale’s structure and form “suggest images to the child by which he can structure his daydreams and with them give better direction to his life” . Even though fairy tales consist of magical stories, they still deal with various common problems. These problems often deal with family issues which children can relate to. Even though the original meaning of the word Märchen is a fitting description of a fairy tale as fairy tales are intended to entertain the reader and listener as well as send, most of the times, a moral message as well. Children who are aware of certain fairy tales, legends and stories are also introduced to everyday problems such as the fear to lose a loved one, to lose their mother and/or father and will be assigned to an evil stepmother or –father or that they will be left alone by their parents. Even though this display of abandonment and loss is frightening to the child, it is presented in such a way that the child still feels safe and protected as those stories are set in a magical place, far away, as long time ago. The appearance of talking animals, the magic and enchanted objects are rather appealing to young readers but also scare them. Even though the problems faced in those stories seem real to children, they are aware that the world they are reading about is unreal as most stories even state that at the very beginning i.e. once upon a time in a magical kingdom. Children believe in magic, but stop believing in it as they grow up
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