How To Maintain My Family Essay

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I feel maintaining my family bond is the most important thing I can do to ensure a lifetime of happiness. My family is like my spine. It is the backbone that holds me upright through my days and nights. I always depend on them from their love, acceptance, wisdom, and strength. They are my rock or harbor of safety in the storms of life. I love spending time with my family. Whether it is going to the movies, out to eat, to the beach, or just hanging around the house, they make the experience so much more enjoyable. My family can change my down, blue days into hysterical laughter within moments. I don’t even have to be in the same room with them. I am living away from home at school right now. If I hear their voices on the phone…show more content…
As a baby, it was probably Mama. As you got older it was the adults in your life. Then life progresses and you need you siblings and cousins more and more. I knew if I had trouble even outside the home, my siblings and cousins would have my back. I love and respect my extended family as much as my immediate family. I don’t think children do as well in school or in the community if their have a dysfunctional family unit. Often I hear of criminals or homeless people who had bad home lives and no family that will help them. I feel you should never turn your back on a family member no matter what. You share the same blood. Family has to be there when the government, doctors, police or anyone else cannot or will not help…show more content…
I believe that. We pray every day. I learned to go to the Lord for guidance. We praise and thank him for the blessing we have been given. We pray for each other’s health and strength during difficult times. By praying together, we feel much closer together in our faith and family bond. We know we will always have each other in our hearts and prayers no matter how many miles we are apart. For these reasons, I feel your family and the relationship you maintain with them is the most important influence on your happiness in your life now and in the

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