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Family is essential in every person’s life, whether it has little or no importance to the person. The definition of a family varies in many ways to different people. What it means to be part of a family is the broader spectrum being proposed. Family may not always be about a biological mother and father, brother and sister to everyone. To some you can have a sister in a friend or a mom in an aunt, or a father in an uncle. However, being able to express your feelings, listen to words of wisdom, and communicate with someone you consider family is important in many ways. I’m aware that not many people may have the privilege to have an ideal family, but having someone that they deeply care about and look up to can be considered as family, if they…show more content…
Family communication allows us to recall the advice that was said during dinner or after dinner through any experiences one of us went through to help aid our problems. Individuals take in positive qualities their family portrays for them. It begins to give them character. But, on the other hand, that may not always be the case. There are situations when children may disagree with their parents point of views or dislike the way their parents think and act. Their attitudes and actions could resemble on you, whether you’re aware or unaware of the situation. For example, if you’re dating someone for quite a while now having already met each other’s family, you become aware that in your partner’s home there seems to be jealousy and control from one spouse, usually from the father. Your partner is conscious about the situation and mentions they would not like to be like their parent, but in some ways they’re similar without being fully aware. This is usually because you learn from what you see at home. But for the most part, I believe this occurs when there is lack of communication within the family, lack of encouragement, lack of support, and lack of trust from one another. For this reason, I believe family talks are important for everyone, especially children being able to see their parents as role

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