Importance Of Family In A Christmas Carol

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Family plays a critical role in the life of each person at one point or another. Whether one realizes it or not, the experiences we have with our families shape our lives and our personalities. In the short novel, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, the theme of the importance of family is interwoven throughout the novel. The novel explores two very different views of the importance of family, one from Scrooge and one from Bob Cratchit. Towards the end, Scrooge begins to realize the true importance of family and tries to become a changed man. Family is a critical element of our lives and one must begin to realize that in order to live happily.
The most prominent example of the importance of family comes from the Cratchit family. Although the family does not have much, they know they have each other to lean on. The family is very united through the good times and in the
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The importance of family is highly underestimated in our society. Having the love and support of a family is crucial in the formation of our beings. We need to spend time with our families to truly appreciate them and enjoy being with them. In my life, the theme of family and its importance has been very relevant. The family is what makes us who we are. As I look back on my past I can see how loving my family has been towards me. I can see the support my family has given me through the thick and then. Growing up my family has not always had all the accommodations and luxuries most of the families at my school had. I relate to the novel in this aspect because my family life is close to that of the Cratchit’s. Growing up my family has instilled in me the values that are needed to succeed. I can see that my parents did the things they did so I can succeed. I have a good positive view on the family because my Family spent much time, and still does, together. My personal past has been very family

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