Importance Of Family Involvement In School

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Earnest Joone N. Lagrito English 27B Title Parent support in school for children’s academic performance Thesis Parent involvement as a positive effect on children’s academic performance. Introduction There have been numerous ways discovered and understood by modern society unto how different families give and show support to their children, in this study the researcher seeks to undermine a specific support that is given to children, especially in their academic progress. The researcher in this study strives to show the importance, effectiveness and advantages that children can achieve through parental involvement in school. This study ushers the importance of parents in the lives of children in their day to day lives in school and outside…show more content…
In this juncture, the researcher gives three significant advantages which are it can boost the children’s personality, be more responsible as a student and as an individual and mainly develop children in academics and relationships in school. Understand and develop potency and capability as we help families in their job to cultivate children (National Association for the Education of Young Children (1998). Therefore, there is an importance task that families need to accomplish. Meaning the task for parents at hand must be well understood and executed . According to Bronfenbrenner (1917), absence of family involvement causes participation of parents to their children to fail and once this fails the little effects accomplished would more or so fade. Meaning family involvement in school must be maintained at a certain degree. Thus, parents must keep in check and give ample time to their children especially in…show more content…
Family involvement in school boosts their academic performance and well-being of the child. Involvement of family in school affects the all-around performance and personality of the child in and outside of the school. The researcher adheres that parent’s involvement must not be one-sided and must care and look at the varieties of possibilities and outcomes that the children can achieve. The researcher then concludes that there are numerous advantages of having parental involvement but all of these advantages indefinitely connects to the betterment and success of the children, It is then clear to justify that the researcher believes that expectations and good influence on education is one tremendous factor that holds key to the children’s academic

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