Importance Of Family Reunion

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Why Silver Sands Jamaica is the best spot for your next family reunion
Growing up was Florida was fun, the cultural heritage, and diverse notable events make spending my childhood in Florida amazing. However, there is nothing more refreshing and fun than having families gather to renew family ties, enjoy sumptuous meals, sing, dance and just have fun! For many African-American families in Florida including mine, summertime is the perfect period for family reunions because it is quite easy for a whole family to travel when the young ones are on holidays from school.
Today’s overloaded, and fast-paced society has made keeping in touch with distant family more demanding, all the more reason for planning family reunions. I set out with hopes of planning a successful shindig after not experiencing one for seven years!
I spearheaded the planning process; I was also responsible for contacting many family members. Although organizing a reunion is nothing like a wedding day festival, it still requires a lot of time, location scouting, and efforts. It was daunting indeed and I was confronted with the realities of what it requires to throw a great family reunion.
After much scouting and speaking to several travel agencies, hotels and resorts, I came across silver sands Jamaica. Yes, families may be difficult sometimes, so I made certain it was affordable for all family members.
This year we held our family reunion in Jamaica. I also found out a lot of us black people come here for
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