What Does Family Mean To Me Essay

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Family to me means unity, and each family is different and unique in every way. Each family have different values and cultures, that are transmitted generation to generation. What family means to me and why it’s important might not be the same for someone else. According to the online library the definition of family is “a close group of people related by blood, mating, or legalities.” Family is the most important agent of socialization because in the sociology in our times book “families transmit cultural and social values to us.” Socialization happens within our life’s anywhere and everywhere we go, but most of it happens when we are little and it starts at home with our family. According to study.com “They teach us about life and provide…show more content…
Our parents are there to teach us to walk, and the language that they speak. They teach us the values, cultures that were passed down to them. Most of the families consist of two parents and their children, but in times today we see a lot of families consisting of single parents and their children or same gender forming a family. Over the time of the years “family” has had a lot of changes. One of those changes is divorce. Divorce was not very common years ago, as how it is today. Divorce is very common now but can get ugly especially when children are involved and the parents can’t come to an agreement, or money settlement. The reason why divorce was uncommon years ago, was because the wives had no say in anything and they had to obey anything their husband had to say. It was also expensive and many people could not afford getting divorce. That’s why many decided to stay married and just live apart. Before the 20th century cohabitation was illegal. Cohabitation means living together without being married. This is another change we have had in families. Today, the younger generation are moving in together to first see if this is what they really want. Marriage is not even an option any
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