Personal Narrative: My Vacation To Hawaii

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Most people have family vacations in the summer, but for me it was different. My family and I went to Oahu, Hawaii for Christmas! It was one of the most amazing vacations anybody could ask for. I was able to ride on an airplane for the first time, visit many beaches, do many weekend activities, and compare the price of living to where I 'm from, south Georgia/South Carolina. I can definitely say Hawaii is somewhere everyone should visit atleast once in their lifetime.
Obviously to get to Hawaii, you have to travel by plane unless you’re a really really good swimmer. My vacation to Hawaii let me experience what it’s like to ride on an airplane for the first time. I have to say it was nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. The turbulence
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The second day in Hawaii, I was already at the beach. The first beach I went to during vacation was Waikiki Beach. It was very pretty. There was a few sea turtle sightings, too! There was barely any waves, and the current was not strong. It was a perfect environment for swimming and snorkeling. The next beach I explored was Waimanalo Beach. This beach was absolutely gorgeous! The sand was white, and the water was very clear and blue. At this beach, the waves were A LOT bigger, although the current wasn’t that bad. My family and I played frisbee, swam, and brought a cooler full of snacks to munch on during the the day. I did not want to leave! Visiting the beaches were fun, but I think the weekend activities were pretty fun…show more content…
The cost of living is so much more higher than the cost of living for Georgia. Hawaii is considered a luxurious place, so literally everything is expensive. That was the only downfall about the vacation. The price of gas was $3.20 per gallon! Compared to Georgia, which is about $2.30 per gallon, was an extreme difference for me! Even the McDonald’s dollar menu was priced differently. A one bedroom condo in Hawaii is about $1,500 a month versus in Georgia, a one bedroom condo would be about $600 a month. That is absolutely crazy to me! Not only is the gas, food, and housing expensive, but so is the mail! To mail out anything or order anything is so much more expensive because of Hawaii being an island. Being on an island means limited everything. Because everything is limited, this makes groceries a lot more expensive too. If the cost of living in Hawaii was equivalent to the price of living in Georgia, I would have never wanted to go

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