Functional Play In Learning

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Question 1:
Play is an important part of learning. In fact it is the only way a child can learn. As an educator there are plenty of different forms of play. For example ‘Constructive play’ where a child intentionally builds an object out of material supplied like wood, paper. Functional play is using an individual’s sensory stimulation. Functional play allows the child to master a skill or release tensions the child may have.
Here one will understand the value of ‘Fantasy Play’. This type of play consists of role playing. Many have seen a young girl pretending her doll is a baby for example. The value of this type of play affects the cognitive, language and socio-emotional development. As an educator or a parent materials used for fantasy
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Intelligence in the form of memory, problem solving. Gifted learners perform at a high level of intelligence than that of an average learner. One would however put children of the same age into the same group but for a gifted learner by doing this ,not only is the child forced to associate with children of a lower level but leads to frustration because the learner is not easily able to socialize with those on a different level. It is without a doubt that a gifted learner will feel different in his environment. It is therefore the educator’s duty to create a welcoming environment as the environment plays a role for future development. Because average learners may see a gifted learner as different a sense of rejection comes into place. As mentioned earlier a gifted learner will experience a feeling of frustration. Not being able to reach full ability due to majority of the class being on the same level whilst the gifted child will be far…show more content…
By understanding child development, we are better able to teach and manage children. Children do not all develop at the same rate, but they tend to follow stages. A teacher needs to understand what a child at a certain age should developmentally be able to do. Education is, in and of itself, a form of child development, and an important one, so for a teacher to be well versed in the study of child development is key to their effectiveness. This helps a teacher to appropriately plan and develop appropriate content. Understanding of development will help a teacher interpret differences in learning and social behavior of

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