Importance Of Fast Food Consumption Essay

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Preferences of Fast food consumption
Consumption of fast foods has become almost a global phenomenon, as more and more people are lured by it day in and day out irrespective of demographic traits. Fast food consumption is mostly among the youngsters. Fast foods meet the needs of many people because they are quick, reasonably priced and readily available. In present era, many factors such as fast urbanization, industrialization, opening to western culture, lack of time for food preparation, the effect of mass media, advertisements and the development of food industry have naturally led to the development of the fast-food nutrition system. As a result of these developments, there have been some modifications in the life styles and nutrition habits of people. Fast-food restaurants offer consumers standard menus including many products. Consumer perception about fast food estimates the importance of various factors affecting the choice of
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The ruralites consume fried chicken more than urbanites as they are unaware about the other fast food products. While as in urban areas people consume lesser fried chickens as they are habitual to many other fast food products other than fried chicken. In the consumption of Pizza, Burger and Momos a stark difference is found between ruralites and urbanities of Kashmir in terms of specified variables like gender, income, education and age. The study demonstrates that the fast food consumption is very low in rural Kashmir due to lack of fast food outlets. The study explores the differences of perceptions and patronage between consumers living in high-and low-income families. Thus the study indicates that consumer perceptions, decision making and buying behavior about fast food are shaped by culture, income, education and

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