Importance Of Feedback In Learning

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Feedback is a significant element in determination of education quality as well as in effective learning where it portrays the learning outcomes for students and the successes for the tutors. There are many aspects that concern educationists with regards to feedback but the relationship between perspectives of learning as well as teaching and feedback stands as the most important among them. Feedback should be conveyed in different modes in a learning environment but whatever mode chosen creates room for dialogue between the tutor and students. Therefore, it is only through feedback that the student engagement relationship with the feedback as well as the tutors’ perceptions of learning, teaching and assessment that such successes can be established.
The Rationale
Feedback is closely related to learning and teaching theories making it a significant element in learning despite the theories that may be adapted. In the learning environment, the purpose of feedback may vary but the tutor is bestowed with the responsibility to provide positive reinforcement to encourage students’ applications of learning in new environments. With feedback, both the student and tutors get to a common ground where success in learning can be quantified.
Literature Review
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With every study, there is a format that the tutor provides to the students and forms the basis of the feedback that the student provides to the tutor. Consequently, the study as an assignment is one of the channels of feedback initiated by the tutor where the student provides feedback in the form of written work or a presentation. It is from the presentation that the tutor then provides a feedback on the extent of the importance of the communication between the

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