Importance Of Feminism

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The term feminism is a very broad and complex term and it differs in its meaning from culture to culture. India being rich in varied culture has many meanings to this word ‘Feminism’. Feminism actually deals with the image of a female figure in the society which includes how she is viewed by the people around her. Since the term can actually encompass an endless sea, both in depth and surface area, a small chapter like this can only attempt to define the term on the basis of a short and general look on the present condition of females in India, which in itself is very complex a job. When dealing with feminism it is very important for us to know that it is our responsibility to provide respect, honour and space which every woman deserve. It…show more content…
In India mainly the customs and traditions play an important role in the fulfilment of rights. In India mainly the women do not take full advantage of their constitutional rights prescribed to them due to lack of knowledge and illiteracy amongst women. In India, there are several customs and traditions which are followed strictly and are important part of Indian culture. The main culture of this patriarchal society is that all the male members of the family, father, husband are the heads of the family. The female gender is subjugated on every path, they are not given the equal rights they deserve. The basic issues of India as a patriarchal society…show more content…
In this framework fathers have power over ladies, youngsters, and property. It infers the establishments of male govern and benefit, and is subject to female subordination.Most types of woman's rights portray patriarchy as an uncalled for social framework that is severe to women.Different gatherings of individuals have reacted to woman's rights, and both men and ladies have been among its supporters and pundits. Among American college understudies, for both men and ladies, support for women's activist thoughts is more basic than self-ID as a feminist.The US media has a tendency to depict woman's rights contrarily and women's activists "are less frequently connected with everyday work/relaxation exercises of general women."However, as late research has illustrated, as individuals are presented to self-recognized women's activists and to exchanges identifying with different types of women's liberation, their own self-distinguishing proof with woman's rights

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