Importance Of Feminist Positions On Pornography

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Feminist Positions on Pornography
The positions of feminists on pornography is currently divided into three common categories. The most notable one is that the pornography medium is an interpretation where women are commodified and exploited by a dominant male culture. However the liberalist stand on a combination of respect for free speech with the principle 'a woman 's body, a woman 's right ' to provide a defense as well as support of females involvement in pornography along the lines of, 'I don 't approve of it, but everyone has the right to consume or produce words and images '. Feminists who have been labeled as 'pro-sex ' provide a more grit defense of pornography. ‘Pro-sex’ feminists argue that porn is beneficial for women.
Little to no argument take place between these three positions. As per anti-pornography feminists, women who disagree are either brainwashed dupes of patriarchy or apologists for pornographers. According to the editor of the anthology, Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism (1990), Dorchen Leidholdt states that feminists who believe women make their own choices about pornography are spreading 'a felicitous lie '. From the same work, Sheila Jeffreys pin-point that 'pro-sex ' feminists are 'eroticizing dominance and subordination '. Free speech feminists are blamed of identifying with their oppressors 'much like...concentration camp prisoners with their jailors ' by Wendy Stock. Andrea Dworkin branded them of running a 'sex protection

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