Importance Of Filial Piety

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Filial Piety, is an invaluable virtue, the feeling of supporting the senior, and also the main reason for repaying the favor to them. In some countries, this virtue seems mysterious and remains unfamiliar to them, but still used as one of the primary criteria to criticize people’s morality. Based on the criteria, younger generation could be able to explore their unique connections with the elder generations. Because practicing this virtue is also a reciprocal emotional process, most people begin to notice the importance taking corresponding responsibilities on their shoulders, and they would find ways to return those favors (Kwan, 2000). In many cultures, filial piety may take different forms and has various expressions, but the essence of it has never changed, which is being good or kind and showing respect for one’s parents, elders, and even ancestors (Kwan, 2000). Regardless so-called cultural difference and situational distinction, most people would evaluate filial piety as a good thing to proceed even though they don 't necessarily put that virtue on the top of their standard morality list. Among all kinds of cultures, Chinese culture always puts filial piety in a crucial place on the list. Indeed, a well-known political, researcher and philosopher Confucius once said to his disciples, “Filial Piety is the most important of all virtues.” Confucius’s saying obviously reflects how important the filial piety means to Chinese culture and the necessity for Chinese

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