Importance Of Film Promotion

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Film promotion: "Film promotion is the practice of promoting films specifically in the field of film industry, and generally it occurs in coordination with the process of movie marketing and film distribution. Film promotions generally includes advertising campaigns, press releases, merchandising and media and interviews with the key people involved in the making of the films, like actress, music directors, actors, cinematographers, directors etc. Publicity is generally handled by the exhibitors and the distributors. As it is all business, it is an important part because of the involvement of high financial risks; film studios will be investing in all the expensive marketing campaigns to maximize the revenue in the early days itself. Budget for marketing the film generally tend to equal about half of the production budget. "
Every movie distribution company and major studios has an internal department devoted only to promotions. The promotions department is only responsible for implementing and designing a cohesive, effective advertising campaign across many different media platforms, which includes newspapers, theatrical movie trailers, television, magazines, the Internet, radio and billboards. The cinema business is seasonal and cyclical by nature. Major studio movie releases are clustered during the holidays, long holiday weekends like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Memorial Day, Labor Day etc. With so many big budget and high profile movies fighting for the same audience,
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