Importance Of Film Studies And Journalism

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Essay #1
Focuses of the area that I would like to take are film studies and journalism. There are several reasons why I will take film studies. First, when I was a child I have a dream to be director and writer. When I am in college, I start to make a video but I think it is not enough because in my major there is no study how to be a good videographer. My background education is theater. Second, my hobbies are photography. I like to capture the moment by photo or video. I always handle documentation in every event in campus or out campus. Third, I ever work as a photographer in Pure Photo Work. My reasonable is handle documentation event by the photo. I believe when I learn about film studies my skill will be improved.
There are several reasons also why I will take journalism. First, writing is one of my hobbies. I like to write everything in my live. I have a blog to write my experience. Second, there is a correlation between journalism and film studies. The correlation is every moment need an explanation. In journalism, I will learn how to be a good writer. Third, I ever get experience internship in PRFM (Pikiran Rakyat Radio) Bandung as a writer for the online website. Those are experience making me choose film studies and journalism.
Essay #2
I have some related experience with the program that I will choose. First, I ever become documentation team in the biggest events such as Kelas Inspirasi Bandung, Teenager Theatre Festival West Java, Longer Batik Festival West

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