Importance Of Film Tourism

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This paper studies the correlation between the power of films and the attractiveness of tourism destination. In present scenario films are like cultural ambassador. Films attract tourist in the form of enthusiastic fans and interesting audience members. Films have great impact in boosting up tourism in a country. To study a brighter side of tourism the different forms of film tourism have been introduced which can further contribute towards growth of film industry and also for the immense development of tourism industry. A ray of light has also been thrown on the factors that can play a contributory role by overcoming the obstacles and challenges faced in present scenario. Film Tourism: A Vehicle for Destination Marketing Manu Sharma…show more content…
For example “Ramoji ki Film City” in Hyderabad is included in major tour itineraries in Hyderabad tour packages. Benefits of Film Tourism Film tourism have benefited in many ways: Film tourism is an excellent vehicle for destination marketing. It represent new product development opportunities, such as location tours, film museums, exhibitions and the theming of existing tourist attractions with a film connection. Films attract and induce visitors to visit a place. For example an Indian family visited Switzerland they were asked why you visited Switzerland, they said “We have come to Switzerland to see the landscape that we often see in Hindi movies. It is like heaven. It is the visit of lifetime.” Film Tourism has potential to revitalize rural communities and can bring higher revenues to local communities. Film Tourism can bring local community constant tourism revenue all year. It helps in job creation and promotes investment. Film Tourism increases cultural value for film locations. Many heritage sites that serve as film location gain fame after film release because these places often obtain specific meaning through film

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