Importance Of Film Tourism In Literature

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There is a wide range of explanations and definitions of film tourism in the literature. “Sometimes called movie-induced or film-induced tourism, film tourism is defined [here] as tourist visits to a destination or attraction as a result of the destination being featured on television, video, DVD or the cinema screen” (Hudson and Ritchie, 2005:256). Gjorgievski and Trpkova (2012), citing Beeton (2012) and Macionis (2004) provide the following definition of film-induced tourism: 1. On-location tourism that follows the success of a movie made (or set) in a particular region (Beeton (2012), in Gjorgievski and Trpkova, 2012). 2. This newly defined tourism niche to a post-modern experience of a place that has been depicted in some form of media presentation – an experience that is highly personalised and unique to each…show more content…
Croy (2011) attributes the growing popularity of film tourism to the “sexiness” of the topic area, as well as to the greater recognised role of media in contemporary society, and the role of media in tourism. “Film-induced tourism has been a rapidly growing sector of the tourism industry for at least 20 years and incorporates television and DVDs besides movies” (Busby et al., 2012:570). There are several forms and characteristics of film tourism in the literature: it could be part of one’s “normal” holiday, or it could be a purposeful dedicated occurrence for some specific interest, “it may occur for reasons of pilgrimage, escape and nostalgia or as part of the romantic gaze; a film location may be an attraction in its own right, or film tourism may take place where the filming it only believed to have taken place” (Hudson and Ritchie, 2005:261). Rewtrakunphaiboon (2009) provides a table summarizing different forms and characteristics of film

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