Fire Safety Case Study

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1. (a) Explain what you understand by
(i) Fire Safety

Fire safety is a set of practices developed in order to reduce the destruction caused by fire. These include the measures to prevent the start of fires and in the situations that they occur, to limit the spread or development of the fire, the measures included in the construction and renovation of buildings in order to make it safer for the residents (if it is a residential building) or the employees or workers and though safety training of the occupants.

(ii) Fire Hazard

A fire hazard can simply be defined as a threat to fire safety. Fire hazards are composed of two components, the possibility of fire occurring and the severity or magnitude of consequences due to the fire. This is
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Fire Protection can be subdivided into many parts, the main ones are the study of fire, active fire protection and passive fire protection. The first part stated, “the study of fire” involves learning of the causes of fires, fire extinguishing techniques, detection, the use of extinguishing equipment and the proper use and the regulations related to building construction. Active fire protection includes manual or automatic detection systems for fires, the use of fire alarms, firefighting and first aid. Passive fire protection involves the designing and building of buildings using fire resistant materials, the ability to isolate fires if or when they occur, smoke detectors, training of occupants in the operations of firefighting equipment and evacuation. In OSH the focus of fire prevention is on the focus on the safety of the employee and management practices for property safety.

(b) Explain the fire triangle and how it can be used to control a
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The biggest would be the fact that the workers had prolonged exposure to the high level of noise over time.

(c) What immediate actions would you take to deal with these worries?
I would ask for the workers to have their hearing tested in order to determine how much long term damage has been done to them, while issuing PPE and training in the use for noise reduction PPE to the workers.

(d) How would you use the PDCA cycle to assist you in establishing or improving your OSH Management System to address your concerns in the longer term?

The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle is a cycle that focuses on continuous improvement. In the longer term, this allows for you as OSH manager to check whether the changes that have been made are in fact working. In adopting this cycle and knowing whether the changes are working, allows you to make further changes in order to either support previous changes or to enact different changes due to the results showing that the initial changes had no change or a negative impact on the system or the

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