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Important First Aid Skills for Childcare
Whether you are a parent, a school teacher, or a person who runs a day care center for children, you need some basic skills to deal with emergencies. First aid skills may help you take care of injured children and even save their lives if necessary. Furthermore, if you belong to an organization, you may need to be accredited in providing first aid by the National Association for Education for Young Children.
Essential First Aid Skills Everyone Should Know
It is estimated that more than 12,000 kids die accidents and injuries such as falls, burns, poisoning, drowning, and road traffic incidents, which are all preventable. Although prevention is the best way to save lives, everyone needs to know a few basic and important skills and techniques as a childcare provider.
Here are some of them:
• Treating allergies
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Teachers, parents and caregivers should know the signs of an asthma attack and how provide emergency care to a child.
• CPR for children
CPR for children is rarely necessary, but CPR skills will come in handy, especially if a child suffers from near-drowning or other life-threatening situations. It is also important to remember that CPR for kids is a bit different than that for adults. While hands-only CPR may be effective for adults, the American Heart Association encourages CPR providers to perform rescue breaths for kids in addition to CPR. Kids’ chests are also shallower than adults’, so they also require lighter compressions compared to adults.
• Prevention and Safety
Preventing injuries is the best way to avoid life-threatening situations. Here’s some basic precautions everyone should take and ways to make secure a home or place for children.
 Prepare kids for a day out. Avoid dehydration and heat stroke on hot days. Apply lots of sunscreen and bring water

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