Importance Of Foils In Frankenstein

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Carmen Hua
Ms. Lovelady
AP Literature & Composition
15 November 2015
Frankenstein Essay Prewrite
I. Main Idea: Foil characters are important because they can compare personalities within each person but has one specific difference. Frankenstein's actions is relatable to each character mentioned in the novel by having Shelley create close connections and bonds.
II. Supporting Idea: Elizabeth Lavenza
1. Elizabeth has been with Victor since they were children, and she has made the closest connection since she married him. The only person she saw was Victor, and was thankful enough to have him in her life.
2. She only saw the positive side of Victor, which creates the sense of his attitude he has against his creation.
III. Supporting Idea: Henry
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One difference would be the main point of interest because it is something evident that the audience can notice. The character Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley confirm the difference of him within his actions he has through the relationships he develops. Frankenstein and characters such as Elizabeth Lavenza, Henry Caravel, and his own monster creation share resemblance throughout the novel. One main point of interest is how they treat each other, with compassion and care (40). Compassion and Victor is mutual, and Shelley implements foils to develop a complex understanding regarding himself. His actions start to expose that he actually has a connection to who surrounds him and is told through his perspective which creates an engagement with the reader. Having power within himself, Victor's character reveals by his relation to…show more content…
Understanding Victor's creation is the demonstration on how he is, and how he acts (73). Trying to create perfection is not realistic, and he needs to lower his expectations. The work Shelley creates is to illustrate the real meaning of how there is no route to destiny because everything happens for a reason. Having a few people in life helps out a lot, but they cannot affect the future because the main character can only control their own actions. Victor Frankenstein has so much going on, but having connections with Elizabeth, Henry, and his monster makes him realize they share many traits in common. The one difference is what sets them apart, and Victor accepts
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