Importance Of Foils In Hamlet

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A Deeper Analysis on Character Foils of Hamlet in Hamlet Character foils often allow the reader to better understand a protagonist’s personality and desires. In the play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, Horatio, Claudius, and Laertes are exemplar character foils for the protagonist, Hamlet, and under further examination, the play suggests that these character foils help the reader to really resonate with Hamlet and depict the contrasts and similarities between Hamlet and other characters in the play. These character foils are important and significant in highlighting another character’s flaws and traits in which they may not have, compared to another character in the play. To begin with, Horatio plays a huge role in being the character foil for Hamlet. Although Hamlet and Horatio have a really close relationship, they do contrast from each other but have some similarities as well. Horatio is a man like no other that is always there, right by Hamlet’s side when he needs him. Horatio is a character foil for Hamlet because he is the type of man that has pride in himself and everything that he does. Hamlet, on the other hand, does not take pride in himself and is the true definition of a coward. Throughout the play, it is evident that Horatio possesses traits that Hamlet seems to be missing and Hamlet says, “no, not for a king/ Upon whose property and most dear life/ A damned defeat was made,” and…show more content…
O my dear lord! (3.2.47-51)
Hamlet calls for Horatio and Horatio immediately arrives at his service, which depicts how these two young men bond with each other and how they show their care towards one another. Hamlet compliments Horatio by saying he is the best man he has ever known. They both show their loyalty towards one another and this is their greatest similarity. As presented throughout the play, Hamlet and Horatio have both similarities and differences that better help the reader examine character foils and their significance in the
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