Importance Of Food Quality

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Food quality is the quality characteristics of food that can be accepted by the consumers. This is including the external and internal factors. For the external factors are the size, shape, color, gloss and consistency as appearance also the texture and flavor. And for the internal factors are chemical, physical and microbial aspects. Quality food must have good food manufacturing requirements, because there must not have contamination during the manufacturing process. It is also important to know the ingredients that are presented due to dietary nutritional requirements like kosher, halal, vegetarian or medical conditions for example is diabetes, or allergies. Besides ingredient quality, there are also sanitation requirements. It is important to ensure that the environment of the food processing is as clean as possible in order to produce the safest possible food for the consumers. Food quality also deals with product traceability like ingredient, and packaging suppliers. That should be a recall of the product be required. It also deals with labeling issues to ensure there are correct ingredients and nutritional information about the food. Low quality food is usually associated with cheap food. Because the food does not fulfill half or all the food quality standards. The low quality food usually attaches contamination on the manufacturing process and after that not made by quality ingredients and also the environment of the food processing is not clean. The food does not

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