Importance Of Food Safety And Hygiene In The Hotel Industry

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Food safety and hygiene is one of the most important aspects in the hotel Industry nowadays. It refers to the procedures that need to be adopted so that contamination of food does not take place and it is safe for consumption. We look at the top notch hotels in the industry today and what people as prospective clients see is the beauty of the food that is prepared and is presented in front of their eyes. It looks eye appealing as the presentation is very beautiful but what people tend to forget is the processing involved in cooking or preparing that particular dish. This involves the equipment which is used to prepare the food, the ingredients which are used, the way food is handled and stored. The procedures involved in storing food also play an important part in food hygiene. Another part of food hygiene is the personal hygiene maintained by the chefs who prepare the food. Now looking at the food safety part, chefs should have knowledge about all the above if they are preparing food which is to be consumed by others. Food safety and hygiene can vary from grass root level to higher levels. For ex. A dish can be hazardous for consumption if the ingredients are not stored in the right conditions i.e. the grass root level and it can also be hazardous for consumption if cross contamination takes place which is at a higher level, which chefs sometimes tend to overlook.
A major part of cross contamination is the use of color coded chopping boards which
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