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Food Safety refers to hazards (three types of hazards which are biological, chemical and physical hazards) that can cause the harmful or side effects to consumer healthy. Food Quality refers to quality characteristics of food that is accepted by consumers. This includes external factors such as appearance (size, colour, shape gloss, and consistency), texture (hardness, crispiness), and flavour or odour. The other factors of qualities characteristic such as federal grade standards (e.g. eggs has different level of grade, and their price will be different based on its grade) and internal (chemical, physical, microbial). The using of malachite green on peas is under food adulteration, and is related to food safety which will give great negative impacts to human body healthy. Introduction of green peas Green peas is a very healthy, nutritious and delicious food. It can be used as cooking ingredient to enrich our meal. It contains unique phytonutrients called saponins, which provide key…show more content…
Malachite green is proved as carcinogenic substances and it is toxic to our liver, causing abnormalities in the thyroid and also will speed up the ageing process. Even the adulterated peas is harmful to human body, but here do not have any limit for the use of malachite green to vegetables like peas. But, it already be banned in any food industry due to the side effects. Europe is one of the country strictly banned the using of malachite green on peas. But, there still have some countries like Indian and China those countries contributes with large production of peas, found out that some peas producers will sell the ‘fresh looking’ peas with the using of malachite green. How to avoid the consumption of adulterated green peas (with malachite

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