Food Safety In China Essay

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In recent years, food safety issues in China has become a serious problem and been paid attention widely. Some great food safety events happened frequently every year. These major events not only influenced people’s health, caused the loss of immense amount of money, but also negatively affected China’s food export industry, economic development, social stability and international reputation. Basically, these endless food safety issues in today’s China are mainly caused by the irresponsible producers, defective and unclear laws and regulations, ignorant consumers and ineffective supervision. The origin of the unqualified food is the irresponsible producers and firms. For any food company, the foundation and the most essential duty is to guarantee…show more content…
Firstly, some pre-existing food safety standard is lower than the international standard and many important rules has not been made clear. For instance, the United States, Canada, Denmark and many other countries has already made regulations to control the amount of trans-fats in food while China has no clear instructions about it. The unclear regulations provide opportunities for those speculative producers to take advantage of loopholes in a law. Besides, in China, the punishment for the law-breakers in the food safety issues is pretty weak. When a firm break the law such as Food Hygiene Law of People’s Republic of China, the penalty is just 10 times amount of money that consumers paid for the products or ask the firm to stop producing and operating. The penalty cannot awe the producing firms and the fine that the firm need to pay is even less than the cost of producing qualified goods. Such standard has no function in limiting and controlling the firms to produce unqualified food. To fix this problem, it is necessary to build up scientific, comprehensive and reasonable food safety standard system. The government can study from the worldwide developed countries. By learning their experiences, the government and the legislative department can detail and normalize the articles of law in the food production and food

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