Importance Of Food Sanitation

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Sanitation is a condition where relating to health of person or an area of place that need to take care for example, public area, restaurant and also government hospital. Sanitation also can be defined by the process of keeping places free from dirt, infection, and disease by removing waste and trash. Sanitation is one of the aspects that need to be aware by the people whether you are adults or kids. If the person are not take a good care of sanitation, it will give bad impacts to them. Food sanitation is contain the procedures or process to prevent the contamination of food. Food sanitation is important in hospitality industry especially in restaurant business. They must to make sure all food that prepared by restaurant business is safe to eat. Many jurisdictions around the world have specific food sanitation laws, along with lists of regulations created by public health agencies.
The practice of food sanitation is recommended at every step of the supply chain within the food industry, from employees in crop fields to waiters at restaurants. The term "food sanitation" is refers rules that need to followed by the owner of the restaurant and also the employees of the restaurant. They have to know how to handle the foods during production, packaging, transporting or serving. Other than that, they need to have a training program in order to train them and make sure they follow the standard of food sanitation. For the restaurant business, it is important to

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