Essay On Food Supply And Farming

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Food Supply and Farming
Hunger is a feature of the Minecraft game and it calls for you to eat in order to survive. Hunger is represented by a bar next to the health bar. It should be noted that the hunger feature is not used in creative, peaceful and spectator mode because it is difficult to eat
As hunger increases and the bar drains away, a number of unpleasant things start to happen such as:
• Losing your healing ability at 17
• Being unable to sprint at 6
• Taking starvation damage at 0
By eating food, you stand to replenish your saturation amount and your hunger. You can reduce your need for food in order to conserve energy. You can avoid fighting whether with spiders, zombies, Endermen and monsters to conserve energy. Other ways to conserve energy are through crafting a bed to sleep on, having plenty of torches, having a cobblestone stairs when mining, and having a sword and armor to
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They possess a nourishment value of 1.6 and include spider eyes, cooked pork, cooked steak, cooked salmon, and cooked mutton. Cows, pigs and sheep can be bred to supply you with beef and porkchops. The beef and porkchops can be cooked using sticks or alternatively using a sword or a bow with a flame to pre-cook the food.
Second-Tier Foods: these are the common staple foods which have a nourishing value of 1.2. The foods include mushroom stew, cooked chicken, cooked fish, baked potato, bread, cooked rabbit and carrot. These foods are fairly common or can be farmed although they do not restore hunger and saturation to a large extent.
Third Tier Foods: This category of foods is suitable for filling up the hunger meter before you get to eat a proper meal. These foods are characterized by the uncooked foods and the half dessert foods. The foods have a nourishment of 0.6 and include foods such as potato, pumpkin pie, raw porkchops, raw salmon, melon, raw rabbit, cake, apples, raw beef, cookies, among other

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